Frequently Asked Questions

What pre-delivery requirements are necessary?

A flat level surface of approximately 7 foot x 7 foot (2.1 x 2.1 metres) is a minimum requirement and obviously an outside tap and electrical supply is handy. If an outside electrical and water supply is not available then a nearby accessible interior supply will be required.


How long does it take to fill up the hot tub?

Portable hot tubs are filled using a garden hose pipe and it takes a while to fill depending on the size of the tub and the speed of the water flow at your property. The average sized family tub seating up to 6-8 people takes on average 2-3 hours as long as the water pressure serving the hose pipe is fairly good.


What temperature should the hot tub be?

Your body temperature is approximately 37 degrees Celsius and around this figure is what most people prefer. However in winter you may prefer this to be a few degrees higher and in summer a few degrees lower.


How long can I stay in the hot tub?

There is not really an exact specified time but it is recommended that at 37 degrees Celsius that you should take a break after 15 minutes and it is advised to drink plenty of water to stay sufficiently hydrated.


How do I keep the hot tub warm?

The water temperature is regulated by the heater button on the control panel and comfortable bathing temperature is between 37-40 degrees Celsius. Once you take the cover off the hot tub and people enter the temperature will slowly decrease. Once you exit the tub it is advised that you place the cover back over to retain the heat and turn back on the heater. (If after using you do not turn the heater back on the tub will continue to lose temperature)


Can I use a hot tub if I have a heart problem?

If you have a heart condition, have a pacemaker fitted, or are under any medication you should always check with your doctor before using a hot tub. Expectant mothers should also consult their doctors before using a hot tub


Is it ok to take my baby into the hot tub?

This is not recommended as young babies have very sensitive skin and have difficulty regulating their own body temperature. Also infants are not fully toilet trained so allowing them into a hot tub is not really a good idea.


Can I get a headache if I use a hot tub?

If you get headaches when using a hot tub it is likely you are staying in the tub for a too long a period, at a too high a temperature, without drinking enough water to keep you sufficiently hydrated.


Are hot tubs good for your skin?

If the hot tub water is at the correct PH and it is not over sanitised then a good soak in a tub for a reasonable amount of time can be good for your circulation and skin. It is advisable to shower well after using a hot tub to remove any residue of sanitiser and moisturise well and you can use Spazazz Bathing Crystals which are a natural product. These are designed for hot tubs and do not affect the water balance, (available to purchase on request)


Can I put aromatherapy products in the hot tub?

There are specialist products that are designed for use in hot tubs that do not affect the water balance and we cannot recommend using anything else. Spazazz is one of the leading brands which we can supply on request whose products are natural and designed for hot tubs with anti-inflammatory and stress relievers built in. They come in 6 different fragrances and we can supply them with your tub.


Can I use soap or bubble bath in the hot tub?

Absolutely not. You should shower or bath before entering the hot tub to rid yourself of the days grime and dirt and introducing soap and bubble bath to the tub will cause havoc with the balance of your water.


Will the water stay clean if I repeatedly use the hot tub?

The water should stay clean providing those using the tub shower or bath before using the tub and other foreign bodies such as grass, food, drinks etc are not introduced. If you do not shower or bath before entering the tub, dirt, grime, sweat, deodorants, residue soap suds, moisturiser, body oils, fake tanning solution, etc will be deposited in the water. The sanitiser will ensure the water remains sanitised but the less foreign bodies and substances added to the water the better.


What is BISHTA?

BISHTA is the (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) which was founded to ensure safer pool and hot tub water standards. Yellow Duck is a member of BISHTA and it’s operatives have undergone the appropriate Safe Spa and Hot Tub Water Training to meet BISHTA’s high standards.