We’ve added a few extra accessories to help personalise your hot tub experience with us and below are a few examples. If you have any other requests to customise your booking with us then please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate.

‘Giant Jenga’ – The classic block stacking/stack crashing game of stacking wooden blocks to create a sturdy tower and then taking turns to pull out the blocks one by one and restacking on top of each other making the tower taller and taller until it becomes unstable and crashes down. We’ve opted for the ‘Mega High Tower’ version which starts at 34” (86cm) tall and can extend to approximately 50-60” (130-150cm) which is the ideal size for adults and children alike.

‘Giant Connect 4’ – A two person game of dropping large red or yellow discs into the grids and the 1st player to get four matching colours in a row is the winner. If your opponent is getting too close to four of their coloured discs in a row then block them with your own coloured disc. Take turns to challenge new opponents or just have fun between yourselves.

‘Giant Twister/Get Knotted’ – Based on the mat game Twister this giant 3m square coloured mat is massive fun for up to 30 players. Throw the two giant inflatable dice to find out which part of your body to place on which coloured flower. Renamed ‘Get Knotted’ this game will have you stretching all over the place ending up tied up in knots providing lots of fun for those of all ages.

LED Ice Bucket – A 7 colour changing LED lit acrylic ice bucket/wine cooler great for keeping your wine/champagne or bottles of beer cool or just as an ice bucket to provide ice for your drinks whilst also giving off cool mood lighting and illuminating your drinks table. 2 x rechargeable AA batteries and battery charger supplied. Simple and safe to use with no electrical wiring. Also comes with 10 acrylic champagne flutes.


If you would like to add anything else to personalise/customise your booking then just contact us and we will try out best to help